Arvind Pendurthi

Pendurthi is a sophomore Decision Science major from Anaheim Hills, California.  He proudly represents his hometown Ducks and Angels but, above all else, is a diehard fan of the Miami Dolphins.  It is his dream to attend a World Series game, Stanley Cup game, NBA Finals game and the Super Bowl – all in the same year.

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Membership Development

Maksim Horowitz

Maksim Horowitz was the first President and a founding member of the CMU Tartan Sports Analytics club.  Now, as the club continues to grow and prosper under new management, Horowitz spends his time using his in-depth analytics knowledge to solve important and unanswered sports questions.  He specifically likes to focus on basketball, football, baseball, and has a new found interest in sports betting.

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Vice President

Steven Silverman

Steven Silverman is a sophomore mathematics and computer science double major whose main sport of interest is baseball. He hails from West Chester, Pennsylvania, and is a Philly fan through and through.  Silverman writes for Beyond the Box Score and Batting Leadoff and is also an instructor for the Introduction to Sabermetrics course. He hopes to work in sports analytics someday, whether it’s with a team or outside company. Outside of school, he plays tennis and participates in quiz bowl, which culminated in an appearance on Sports Jeopardy! in 2014.

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James Eby

Eby is a sophomore Statistics major from Miami, Florida. He loves to play racquetball. His favorite shows are Family Guy, Suits, and Top Shot, and he likes to watch all kinds of documentaries in his free time.

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Achyuta Burra

Achyuta Burra is an Economics major with an additional major in Decision Science. He is a fan of all the Boston professional sports teams and AS Roma. He once spent a summer visiting all 30 MLB stadiums. Outside of sports, Burra likes reading biographies and other history books.

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Suvrath Penmetcha

Penmetcha is a sophomore Information Systems major. He grew up in Mountain View, California as a Niners and Warriors fan. We Believe! His dream job is to be part of the sports analytics department for an NBA or NFL team.

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Michelle Kenney

Michelle Kenney is a sophomore Statistics major from the Bay Area, California. She is a huge Duke Basketball and Golden State Warriors fan. Kenney is also a member of the CMU rowing club.

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Club Advisor

Sam Ventura

Sam Ventura, from Pittsburgh, is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor of Statistics at Carnegie Mellon.  During his time at CMU as an undergraduate, graduate student, and faculty member, he has been heavily involved in university athletics.  Sam played on the school’s club ice hockey team, which won the league championship in the 2014-15 season.  He is now an assistant coach for the club.  Sam captained the club roller hockey team to a championship in 2013.  He has also been heavily involved in the university’s intramural sports leagues, competing in IM hockey, football, basketball, soccer, softball, and golf.  Sam has published papers on sports analytics, most notably in the Annals of Applied Statistics, and he has presented his work at numerous statistics and sports analytics conferences.  He is a reviewer for both the Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports and the Journal of Sports Analytics.  In 2014, he and Andrew Thomas co-created, the most popular online resource for modern hockey statistics.  The site was built using R and Shiny, and it leverages “nhlscrapr”, an R package that Sam and Andrew created.  Sam is a member of the statistical advisory board for the Houston Astros and is currently a statistical consultant for the Pittsburgh Penguins.  Sam’s academic research focuses on developing large-scale approaches for classification and clustering, generating synthetic populations, modeling the spread of infectious diseases, developing new tools for record linkage, and working on other Census-related research topics.

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